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Referenzen Firmenkunden über Sprachzentrum Süd

What our corporate customers say ...

Company training at Telair:
We were very happy with the training, which was always very flexible and adapted to our specific needs. The teacher deserves a lot of praise for this - she did a great job.

Company training English (Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP):
I find the lessons very good because they are based on our needs and the trainer adapts the teaching accordingly. The course content meets my needs, because communication with customers is important. In the lessons, speaking time is maximised, which is very good. I have already been able to put what I have learned into practice in telephone conferences and when writing reports. The independent learning of vocabulary is encouraged, which is also very good and important.

Company training English (Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP), Eugenio Hidalgo:
I like the lessons very much because they are relaxed and easy-going. The materials are up-to-date and the teacher takes time for each individual participant.

Individual training, Dresdner Bank, Thomas Lanfermann
I hadn’t spoken any English since high school,” – English had suddenly became the business language. After one year of private lessons in my office, I am well prepared for meetings, emails and more... The teaching abilities of the teachers are out of the question (which Manager "enjoys volunteering time to be taught freely ?"...), I found the flexibility of the lessons was the big advantage compared to other forms of training. Often appointments were moved or special requirements needed to be implemented within a short timeframe - here my teacher was always flexible and understanding. The lessons were adapted exactly to my needs. The possibility to have flexible lessons - grammar, vocabulary, and also discussions and small talk were successful and useful for me. I found that the collaboration with Sprachzentrum Süd was one of the best investments in my future. Finally, my teacher, Mr. Dobbs, was just awesome, "As a person and as a teacher!".

Participants company language courses, Sparkasse Wolfratshausen, Andreas Sch.
"... the lessons and the lesson content were very well communicated by our American coach, Mr Merz.” As it was focused on banking business, I could make use of the new information with me into my workplace."

Participant company language courses, Sparkasse Wolfratshausen, Franziska B.
".. the teaching style of Chris was very good and you could learn a lot even after a long day of work. "I would definitely do another course with the same teacher, because he taught us a lot and gave us material we could work with."

Participant company language course, Sparkasse Wolfratshausen, Michael R.Teilnehmer
Our coach succeeded in making sure that everyone overcame their inhibition to speak English.

Participant company language courses, Transtechnik Lichtsysteme GmbH, Eva-Susanne M.T
I really liked the course, because the teacher was very lively. He explained everything well and the lessons were fun. We did a lot of role-play games and talked a lot. Thank you for the lively course. The ideas were great. Keep up the good work!

English language course, Irene H.
"... I liked our nice and professionally competent teacher."

Participant company language course Business English, Angela S.
„ ... I was really amazed. After coming to your school,  I have had the best English course so far. "

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