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One-to-one lessons for school students
1 participant: 1 trainer

Solve grammar problems, improve vocabulary, practise speaking whilst having fun? Is it really possible?

Yes, because the language course our ‘One-to-one language courses’, with our experienced, native-speaking trainers differ from the usual routine of a normal school day. Students are motivated to speak the language and use it actively in conversation in a variety of practical situations.

Einzelunterricht Sprachschule München

Intensive courses during school holidays, weekly tuition or specific preparation for a foreign trip or exchange, a change of school or final examinations - our experienced trainers are are focused on the requirements and needs of the students. The main advantage is that the language is taught by native speakers.

Advantages of one-to-one language lessons at a glance:

  • Intensive language learning specific to individual requirements
  • a great deal of speaking practice with your trainer
  • Learning goals can be achieved more quickly
  • Flexible course dates allow tailored course planning and course breaks

Available again! Individual training with fixed appointments

If you require a course with fixed appointments, this would be the ideal situation for you. As we can plan the course with fixed appointments, it is possible to offer reduced course prices. The course times can be planned and arranged between the student and the trainer before the course begins.
With the 10 x 90 or 15 x 90 minute course, it is possible to repeat one lesson which was missed due to unforeseen circumstances. (General language learning, not for less frequent languages).

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