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Translations without certification

Sprachzentrum Süd near Munich offers certified translations by state-recognised translators for English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Croatian and other languages.

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Translation service

Our experienced team of certified and accredited translators can translate into all standard languages, as well as other languages on request. Translators are available who can quickly and competently edit your documents for individual areas of expertise such as contracts, technology, economy, etc. We can provide translations without certification in electronic form by email.

It is especially important for us to be able to guarantee reliability and quality for our customers. That is why Sprachzentrum Süd has been working successfully together with our team of experienced translators for many years.

The process for translations is easy and efficient. Simply send your translation requirements and documents (for new customers with deposit/prepayment) by E-mail to:

Standard languages
per line (53 characters =)
€ 1.30 - € 1.40 VAT.
Depending on the specialisation and degree of difficulty.
More languages
and more
per line (53 characters =)
€ 1.50 € 2.50 VAT.
Depending on the specialisation and degree of difficulty

Minimum order value € 40,- excl. VAT

Contact us on
Phone +49(0)8024-1733

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