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Internship abroad, Gap Year

Working together with our GLS partner we can provide international internships in almost all industries, as well as with university recognized mandatory work-placements. An internship abroad is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable personal experience both professionally and linguistically, helping you to surge ahead of the competition. Employers around the world appreciate application forms from candidates who have completed an internship and gained valuable experience abroad, this significantly increases the chances of your application.

Internship abroad, Gap Year,  GLS Berlin

We are your partner for internships abroad, Gap Year

The registration and enrolment for an internship abroad is straightforward and unbureaucratic. Only one application is needed. When our foreign country partner organisation accepts your application, your internship is guaranteed.

  • GLS is a member of the FDSV German Language Travel Organisations
  • DFH German Association high school. The GLS high school program is continuously checked by an expert Advisory Board
  • GLS is a member of ALTO Association of Language Travel Organisations
  • GLS is DIN certified Language Travel Organiser after the EU norm DIN EN 14804
  • GLS is educational travel as the Exchange Organization for the USA Member of the American Council of CSIET on standards for international

Detailed consultations take place with us at Sprachzentrum Süd. If you have questions please consult Mrs Vizzini:
Tel. +49 (0) 8024-1733 or

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Application Procedure:

1. Contact
First contact Ms Natalina Vizzini - Tel.  49 (0) 8024-1733 or email about the possibilities for a consultation concerning your internship.

2. Prerequisites
If you meet the requirements (high school diploma or professional experience for the industry desired, language level B1/B2), you can apply, no later than three months before the beginning of the internship. The sooner you apply, the better your chances of being accommodated in the sector desired.
If you need any translations of testimonies or for your resume, this can be done by our translation service at Sprachzentrum Süd. Please feel free to contact us.

3. Application form
Fill in our GLS partner’s online application form and submit it directly to GLS.

4. Assurance
In fulfilment of requirements, we can guarantee you an internship abroad in the industry of your choice, however, not at a particular company. Nevertheless, you should select one or two alternative branches to increase your chances of placement.

5. Commitment
After registering with us, you should receive an answer within one or two weeks. Once our partners have ensured that you can be placed abroad, the decision as to where exactly you will work is often decided at the location. A three-sided questionnaire will be sent for you to fill in, please return this to us along with your curriculum vitae and a covering letter.

6. Remuneration
Internship placement abroad is usually unpaid (except for Brazil and London). Usually, it is only possible in connection with a four-week language course. To see what conditions which country has, contact us, or visit the website of our GLS partner.

7. Visa/Accommodation
Our GLS partners can assist you with your Visa and are happy to help you with finding accommodation.

8. Certificates/Assessments
After completing your internship you will receive an assessment or a reference letter which significantly increases the chances for your job applications worldwide.

Contact us on
Phone +49(0)8024-1733

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