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Business English courses

We offer individual training in Business English in Holzkirchen near Munich. Companies can also book closed groups (prices on request). The Business English courses focus on work-related topics and improving your confidence in applied use of the language.

Our Business English courses offer you:

  • The opportunity to develop and improve your knowledge and skills in Business English with a native speaker trainer.
  • A chance to focus on a specific area of need or coaching in a business skill, such as presentation writing and delivery.
  • An emphasis on maximising student speaking time which will build your confidence in the target language for use in meetings, conferences, presentations and telephone or video calls
  • Focus also on writing skills for emails, reports and business letters
  • Flexible or fixed appointment times

Dates & price

Flexible (one to one or Individual) lessonsPrivate lessons with fixed appointments

for two
for two
1x45 min.48,- €58,- €------
10x45 min.470,- €560,- €430,- €520,- €
20x45 min.890,- €1.070,- €800,- €980,- €
30x45 min.1.290,- €1.550,- €1.230,- €1.490,- €
Costs for teaching material are not included..

We are an institutional member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language).

LCCI test format training in Business English

  • Individual training
  • 5 x 90 Min.: € 470,-
  • Courses available on request, at least 3 weeks before the exam

Please note: This course is designed to prepare you for the LCCI examination and to familiarise you with the format. Applicants should have already achieved the level of English required for the examination.

Contact us on
Phone +49(0)8024-1733
Level test

See which course is best suited to your level

Take a placement test online to find out which level of language course would be the most suitable for you. After we have assessed the test, we will contact you to discuss course options. All placement tests are non-binding.

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