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About us

Dear Friends of Sprachzentrum Süd,

Let me introduce our company: We are a language school in Holzkirchen, close to Munich, which focuses on strong training principles, qualified expertise and sound methodological competence. These have been developed by intensive research in the field of didactics of foreign languages. The passion for how the learning of foreign languages can be conveyed successfully to participants has been a goal for Sprachzentrum Süd for the last 25 years.

During this time, we have learned that the quality of teaching methods is often difficult for people to judge. In public perception, there are many modern variations in foreign language teaching - but they seem to disappear just as fast as they arrive. Our methods are based on what experts have found to be highly successful during years of research.

We have combined these research results with a competent and committed team of staff as well as excellent native speakers. Therefore, Sprachzentrum Süd can offer you the highest level of expertise for your language learning.

Dr. phil. Karin Wiebalck-Zahn

Our team
Dr. phil. Karin Wiebalck-Zahn
  • Shareholder
  • University of Munich: Doctorate in English teaching methodology, Linguistics and Educational science
  • Teaching experience in France, England, and the USA
  • Founded Sprachzentrum Süd in 1991
  • Hobbies: languages, travelling, playing the piano
Anissa Nasser
  • Manager and pedagogical management
  • Master’s degree in French Philology
  • Many years of experience as a foreign language teacher (German as a foreign language, English, French, modern Greek) and editor
  • Responsible for company marketing
  • Organiser for the GLS language camps
  • Hobbies: languages, literature, culture
Birgit Gröbmeyer
  • State-certified translator
  • Adviser for courses, classes and appointment organiser
  • Contact for examinations and translations
  • At Sprachzentrum Süd since 2001
  • Hobbies: choir, literature, travelling
Natalina Vizzini
  • Qualified tourism representative
  • Adviser for foreign language programs, language travel, high school and internships worldwide
  • Conducts interviews for high school students and advises students and their parents about foreign language learning.
  • Hobbies: travelling, languages, skiing

Karin Meyer
  • Team Assistant
  • Assisting with the organisation of the GLS language camps
  • Support for the language school management
  • Long-standing experience as a foreign language correspondent and in organising national and international events
  • Hobbies: languages, sports, nature, travelling

David Dobbs
  • English teacher, Academic Director
  • CELTA diploma
  • Many years of experience as an English teacher
  • At Sprachzentrum Süd since 2003
  • Hobbies: music, computer, writing

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